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Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells Trust is a great place to work and learn. The Trust believes in giving 100% to our Trainees, because these are our future doctors. Our aim is to inspire excellence inmedical education across the Trust and this is at the heart of all we do.

Our educational and social reputation makes us a popular choice for all Trainees, which is strengthened by the fact that many return to us later in their careers.

The Medical Education team aim to provide a positive and welcoming environment for our Trainees who visit us regularly for teaching, to collect mail, seek guidance on any issues, or simply to have a chat or a bite to eat.

See our MTW Medical Education You Tube Channel to see what Trainees have to say about training at our Trust.

Education Centres

The Education Centres are the hub of the hospitals as far as the Trainees are concerned. Our friendly staff members are renowned for their helpfulness and problem solving abilities and we aim to create a welcoming and positive environment for all disciplines of the Trust. Much of our regular teaching sessions are held in the Centres, please see attached document for further details.

twh_hospital_side_view The Education Centre at Tunbridge Wells Hospital

Facilities for all your needs including Clinical Skills and Training rooms with excellent audio visual equipment, a dedicated Simulation Training Suite, the Library, the Mess and dining area.

imacs The Academic Centre at Maidstone Hospital

The Centre hosts the Skills & Laproscopic Suite, a 180 seated auditorium, training rooms with audio visual equipment, dedicated Simulation and Clinical Skills rooms, the Library and a dining area & cybercafé.